Farmers Markets: Tying Your Community Together


Each week, owner and operator of Willows Coffee, Viviana Gurdian, travels to local farmers markets to share her specialty coffee with the local community. Farmers Markets serve as a gathering place to purchase vendor-grown quality produce and consumable items. The market promotes and supports healthy living, local agriculture, and community interaction all in an upbeat, welcoming atmosphere. Farmers and producers sell their products directly to the public, allowing consumers to have a direct relationship with the vendor.

More than 100 years ago Viviana’s great- great- grandmother, Lucila Duval de Morales, carved out a coffee farm in the Central Valley of Costa Rica. Today, Viviana's father manages the farm, Hacienda Miramonte (Willows Coffee). More than just another coffee producer and a place to work, their business represents a century of commitment to traditional harvesting practices, good wages and living conditions for their employees and their families.

“Coffee has the ability to make your life better and they want the world to know what great coffee tastes like. Stop by on you next visit to the market to enjoy a cup,” said Viviana.

Not only do farmers markets include nostalgia and fresh produce, but they also help support the local community. Therefore, the next time you are at one of the following farmers markets (see below) look for Willows Coffee and taste the difference in selectively picked cherries at the peak of ripeness for the freshest coffee you will ever taste.

“The first sip of Willows Coffee had me totally hooked! The flavor was smooth and delightful. This is the only coffee that I can drink black because it’s that great,” said Heather Hampton. “I also love supporting a local family business. I’m so glad that I stumbled upon this delicious coffee at the Stillwater Farmers Market and now I don’t drink anything else.”

Look for us at the following farmers markets:

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