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Do you know what makes good coffee good?


In Costa Rica, it is coffee harvesting season, and at Hacienda Miramonte, we are in full harvesting mode! Costa Rican coffee is world renowned, and Willows Coffee drinkers know why! We are dedicated to bringing specialty, single origin, Costa Rican coffee to your doorstep. There is a lot that goes into making specialty coffee, and how it is harvested is a big part it.

It starts with ripe coffee “cherries”

The coffee trees on our estate are full of bright red fruits, called “cherries.” As the coffee cherries mature, the flavors in the beans (the pits of the coffee cherries) develop as well. Flavorful coffee cherries produce flavorful coffee!

The hard work of harvesting by hand

Because we take great care in offering the finest specialty coffee, we use the “selective picking” method, only picking coffee cherries at their peak of ripeness. This means we have to harvest by hand, selecting only the cherries that are ready and leaving the rest to continue to ripen. This requires going through the estate’s coffee trees multiple times!


Honey dried coffee micro-lots?

Harvesting is just one part of the process of making great tasting coffee. How the coffee is dried contributes to the flavor. Willows coffee uses a honey dry process in micro-lots, which gives a lovey sweet taste and a more complex flavor profile to the coffee. There is an art to drying coffee, and we’ve been perfecting it for over a century.


Good coffee is our tradition

It is hard work, but it means that every cup of Willows Coffee is rich and flavorful… and has been that way since Hacienda Miramonte was started in 1917. Generation after generation, the Gurdians have reaffirmed their commitment to growing quality coffee while serving as stewards of the environment and their local community.

We can’t wait for you to taste this year’s crop!

As this year’s coffee is harvested, roasted, and delivered to your door, you can sip every delicious cup knowing that you’re supporting and taking part in this time-honored tradition!

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