Coffee Subscriptions


Coffee subscriptions are our subscription program that allows you to purchase fresh coffee and have it delivered to your house on a monthly basis. It is the best way to ensure you always have fresh coffee in stock, and with Willows, you know that it comes straight from our family farm in Costa Rica. Never fear running out of of your favorite coffee again! From our farm to your door.

How does a coffee subscription work?

It’s easy! Just a few simple steps needed to get you started:

Step 1: Choose the duration of your coffee subscription. (All subscriptions are billed monthly and you can cancel at any time.)

Step 2: Choose how much coffee you want delivered every month.

Step 3: Choose your preferred roast and grind.

Step 4: Tell us a little about you!

And you’re all set!

Now you can just sit back and relax while we send you our too-fresh-for-the-grocery-store specialty coffee. After signing up, you can log in to review your subscription and cancel at any time.

Let’s get started! How long do you want your coffee subscription to run?